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Imi Loa's Malama Honua Blog

19-Gr. 3 Field Trip

29-Grade 4-Bishop Museum FT

News and Announcements

Family Math Night

Parents and students are welcome to come to our first Family Math Night on Thursday, Oct 5, 5:30-6:30 in the cafeteria. Come and explore the wonders of math with your child and enjoy an exciting evening of hands-on learning activities.

New Software: myON

We have an exciting new software that we purchased for the students to use at home and school. It's a digital library of nearly 6000 books! Students can select books on recommendations from myON based on their interests, search for books, and build their own reading list. Please have your child use this valuable software athome. myOn can be used on any browser, computer, tablet or phone. Our custom sign in page is

Technology Responsible Use Guidelines and Form

The same Technology Responsible Use Guidelines (TRUG) and Technology Resonsible Use Form (TRUF) apply from last year and for as long as your student stays at Lunalilo. Any new student to the school will have to read the TRUG and sign the TRUF.

IXL Math and Language Arts

In addition to IXL Math, we purchased Language Arts for our students.  Parents, please have your child use these valuable resources. Students can do IXL on a home computer, ipad, or android tablet. IXL has a free app to download on touch devises. Use our special log in page:

Lunalilo's Malama Honua Voyage

For the past 3 years Hokule'a has been on its World Wide Voyage, called Malama Honua. At the same time, Lunalilo has been on its own learning voyage of Malama Honua. Check out our video to see some of our main highlights on how we have incorporated and learned about Malama Honua.

May Day-Friday, May 19

Thank you for attending our May Day. This year's theme was Hi'lei i na keiki, "We Hold Precious our Children". Click here for video highlights.



5-Family Math Night-5:30p.m.